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Buzzsaw. Hits. Hard

buzzsaw is a one stop shop for all of your pre workout dreams. 


  • pump

  • focus

  • performance

*this product is dosed at very high levels. It is recommended to start with 1/2 scoop to assess tolerance.

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one scoop

will send you ripping through the iron jungle

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Pre Workout Supplement

intense pre workout



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the b complex

obsessively formulated:


The primary function of B3 in Buzzsaw is to act as a vasodilator, giving you fuller and longer lasting pumps.

vitamin b6

Supports protein synthesis and metabolism. This improves your body’s ability to turn food into energy. Not only is this energy a boost during your workout, but this helps naturally cut fat.

vitamin b12

Rounding off the vitamin B complex in Buzzsaw, B12 is another energy enhancer. All B vitamins are integral in your body’s energy production, and Buzzsaw has a full profile.

get pumped & stay pumped


Pump and performance juggernaut. Your body converts Citrulline to arginine and then to nitric oxide (NO). However, arginine gets significantly broken down as your body processes it before it hits your system. Citrulline does not undergo this breakdown, and is therefore quickly absorbed and put to work. At 7 grams, Buzzsaw puts big stock in L-Citrulline. You will see why.

l-arginine AKG

AAKG supports longer and more intense workouts, vasodilation (the pump), muscular growth, and faster recovery. AAKG is arginine with ketoglutarate bonded to it. This is to assist the metabolism of the arginine, which, by itself, undergoes breakdown as the intestines and liver process it into your body. So AAKG gets you more arginine with your arginine.

agmatine sulfate

Known for the “perpetual pump”, agmatine is another pump powerhouse that doesn’t just support NO, it sustains it for longer periods of time, keeping your pump throughout your workout and hours after. It has also been shown to stimulate the pituitary to release growth hormone.

strength on strength

beta alanine

This amino acid will be converted into carnosine once in your muscle fibers. Carnosine has a long list of empirical evidence proving its effects, including increases in strength, endurance, recovery, and muscle growth. This will help you close out your workout strong when you may not have had the juice before.

betaine anhydrous

An altered form of the amino acid glycine, betaine has been proven to increase strength and power as well as protein synthesis for long-term muscle growth.


This amino acid increases endurance and strength. Your taurine levels are depleted while you exercise, so supplementing with taurine replenishes your taurine levels so you don’t burn muscle toward the end of the workout and gains aren’t lost.

energy & brain bonanza


A powerful amino acid on its own, tyrosine’s benefits are accelerated in combination with caffeine. Tyrosine is a tried and true component to elevate mental focus and alertness and with mood and energy. Your body also uses it to produce proteins and muscle tissue.


ALCAR absorption in the body has been proven better than standard L-Carnitine. The acetyl form also takes the absorption to the brain, which enhances brain function, mood, and energy. ALCAR has strong fat burning effects in the body as well, increasing ATP in the muscle by processing fats in the mitochondria of the cells.  

caffeine anhydrous

Caffeine will be found in essentially every pre workout product. Most people are aware of caffeine’s effects on energy, but research shows caffeine to increase strength, endurance, vasodilation, and alertness as well. You’re getting a heavy dose of caffeine in Buzzsaw at 350mgs.

alpha gpc

A phospholipid compound influencing the brain, nervous, and muscular systems. The boss of brain stimulation, Alpha GPC increase reaction time and your mind-muscle connection. This also boosts focus and mood. Alpha GPC also has a complementary relationship with Huperzine A, each having their effects enhanced when combined.

huperzine a

This alkaloid compound is an extract of a special moss. This little baby is powerful in very small doses. It adds firepower to your brain, elevating memory, mood, and focus. Huperzine allows higher level of acetylcholine, supporting brain and muscle function. Alpha GPC and Huperzine A are a match made in heaven. They are great on their own but when combined, the heightened effects lead to newfound motivation and drive.