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The supplement industry advertises claims of amazing science, ingredients, and results, but when you research the formula you find that none use more than a few of the proven ingredients. Even when you do find a handful of effective properties in a product, they are almost always underdosed. 




Using a few underdosed ingredients and making BIG, BOLD claims about your product leads to high profit margins. Unfortunately, many people fall victim to deceptive marketing and spend their hard-earned dollars on garbage in a shiny package. This is the norm in the supplement industry, and someone felt compelled to do something about it...



Written by our founder

Our products are the best on the planet. The most scientific formulas manufactured with the purest ingredients at the strongest doses. That's why this company exists - I wanted better supplements for myself and it just kept snowballing until I had started a company that only makes the absolute best supplements scientifically possible.


Please compare our formulas to any competitor - you will see what I mean.  Stop getting swindled by garbage in a shiny package with a big promise. Try us out - you will see.

You're paying for the absolute best with TZ Nutrition. There are cheaper products available - making the best supplements on the planet isn't cheap. Name a situation where the cheapest item or service is the best option, I'll wait.

Check out the product pages to see some of the evidence. Our products are the best on the planet.



Casey Timm

founder, owner, customer